Best Food Processor For Hummus

Making hummus can be a daunting task. However, if you have the best food processor for hummus, this tasty appetizer will turn into a fast and easy meal in no time. How do you make hummus? Well, if you have a food processor, then this is easy. Hummus is a staple in any kitchen. It’s delicious, healthy, and has great nutritional benefits. If you’re looking to make your hummus at home, you’ll want to invest in the food processor for hummus that will help you achieve the perfect consistency every time.

There are many different types of food processors on the market, and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to choose which one will work best for you. That’s why I will give reviews of the top 7 food processors for making the smoothest and creamiest hummus possible! Hopefully, this list will help narrow down your search so you can start making some tasty hummus in no time!

Best food processor for making hummus

Here are the reviews of the Top 7 Best food processors for hummus that are worth buying in 2022.

1: Hamilton Beach Food Processor 10 Cups with Bowl Scraper (Best Overall)

Hamilton Beach Food Processor 10 Cups with Bowl Scraper

The Hamilton Beach Food Processor with Bowl Scraper is the perfect kitchen tool for making hummus. It can also be used to make salsa, sauces, and dips. The 10 cup bowl can handle large volumes of food without having to stop to empty it. The generous 10 cup bowl can handle large volumes of foods without having to stop to empty them.

This food processor comes with a special attachment that scrapes the sides of the bowl while you chop or puree, keeping ingredients close to the blade, so you don’t have to stop.

This 10-cup food processor from Hamilton Beach has a large feed chute that can fit large foods like a whole block of cheese for quick, easy processing and less prep time. The versatility of this food processor makes it ideal for slicing, shredding, chopping, and puree your favorite ingredients.

With the reversible stainless-steel slicing disc, you can slice vegetables or shred cheese while chopping/mixing blade chops nuts or minces garlic with ease. The extra-large capacity bowl holds up to 10 cups, and the pulse control allows for precision blending.

With 450 watts of power, this food processor has 2 speeds plus pulse and will handle all your cooking needs. This food processor comes with an included bowl scraper that helps you easily remove ingredients from the work bowl when the job is done. It also comes with a recipe book so that you can get started right away on making your favorite recipes in minutes!

The best part? This food processor comes with a dishwasher-safe bowl, lid, and blades. The blade is powerful enough to chop through the ice, and the locking mechanism holds them in place while you work without fear of injury.

  • Scrape the bowl without removing the lid.
  • It’s dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Chop or puree large volumes of food in one go.
  • Save time when cooking and baking.
  • Get more even results with less effort
  • Bowl is very wide and might not fit under some cabinets.
  • Some parts are made of plastic so they’re best used with care to avoid breaking.

2: KitchenAid KFP0718BM 7 cup Food Processor for hummus

 KitchenAid KFP0718BM 7 cup Food Processor for hummus

The KitchenAid KFP0718BM is a 7 cup capacity food processor for hummus that can easily handle your medium to heavy duty processing jobs. The stainless steel blade and bowl are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup. This model has a one-touch lid system that helps you get the lid on quickly and easily.

The large feed tube allows you to process whole fruits, vegetables, and other foods with ease. The best thing about the KitchenAid KFP0718BM food processor is the safety interlock feature because it automatically stops operation when the cover is removed during operation.

The ExactSlice System features a 2mm slicing disc that produces ultra-thin slices and an 8mm shredding disc that lets you create fine shreds or coarse crumbs in seconds. This processor also comes with a 10mm slicing disc for thick slices of cheese, vegetables, and more.

The KFP0718 comes with a multi-purpose blade, reversible medium slicing/shredding disc, and lid. It also features the convenience of an on/off button.

The work bowl has been designed to fit under most kitchen cabinets for storage. It is dishwasher safe, but hand washing will prolong the life of your appliance.

  • Comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Dishwasher safe for easy clean up.
  • Chop, puree, and slice in one easy step.
  • Get the perfect consistency every time.
  • Bit difficult to use.
  • Small bowl space.

3: Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor Review

Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor

This 12 cup food processor is a powerhouse of a performance. The large 5″ wide feed chute eliminates the need to precut most ingredients, allowing you to save time and energy. This Breville Sous Chef Food Processor has a powerful 2.5 horsepower motor that can handle even the toughest jobs like mixing dough or kneading bread dough with ease.

You can chop herbs and nuts in seconds with the dual-speed pre-programmed pulse function, ideal for making pesto or salsa. The reversible shredding disc makes grating cheese with food processor effortless, while the slicing disc is perfect for making thick or thin slices of fruits and vegetables.

The best part? The Breville BFP660SIL comes with a 12-cup capacity work bowl so that you can process large quantities in one go.

It comes with a Stainless Steel Bowl and 3-Piece Blade Set, the perfect choice for processing a wide variety of ingredients. This food processor features an induction motor that offers great versatility and power in a compact size.

The Sous Chef has a large feed chute to accommodate whole vegetables and fruit, while its stainless steel blade can chop, slice, shred or puree. With the ability to pulse ingredients without turning off the machine, this food processor is ideal.

  • Slicing and shredding discs for versatility.
  • Easy to use with a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Get the perfect slice every time
  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Bit Expensive

4: Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor

The Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless, is a compact food processor that can handle small batches of ingredients for up to four people. With its 250 watt motor and reversible Smart Power blade.

The Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus can easily chop or grind through nuts, herbs, spices, and other hard foods. The unit’s 4 cup work bowl comes with a handle for easy transport and storage.

It has an opening on top of the lid for adding ingredients while processing and a built-in cord storage area for keeping your food processor tidy when it’s not in use. The Cuisinart food processor is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and comes with a limited three-year warranty.

Cuisinart’s Mini-Prep Plus food processor is perfect for small jobs in the kitchen. The 4-cup work bowl lets you chop, grind and mix ingredients easily to create delicious meals. The Cuisinart food processor features intuitive Smart Power blade technology that automatically adjusts from chopping mode to grinding mode when the lid is closed.

The touchpad controls are simple and easy to use, while the stainless steel housing looks great on any countertop. This Cuisinart mini-prep food processor also includes a spatula and recipe book.

  • Compact design is great if you don’t need to make hummus on a regular basis
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Powerful motor chops through food fast
  • Auto reversing blade minimizes prep time
  • It’s easy to make delicious dishes at home.
  • Comes with small working bowl
  • You can only serve on small plate of hummus.

5: KitchenAid KFC0516BM 5 Cup Whisking Accessory Food Chopper, Black Matte

KitchenAid KFC0516BM review

KitchenAid’s KFC0516BM 5 Cup Food Chopper is the perfect addition to your kitchen. With its multi-purpose blade, you can chop, mix, puree from coarse to fine. The whisking accessory allows you to whip cream and other ingredients in just 30 seconds! This chopper comes with a splash guard lid that helps keep your counter clean while keeping splatters off the walls. It also features a cord wrap for easy storage. Available in black matte or white gloss, this food processor is just the right size for food prep in smaller households.

KitchenAid food chopper has a wide variety of food processing tasks. It includes a 5 cup food processor bowl that fits comfortably on your countertop. The food chopper can chop, mix or puree food items quickly and efficiently.

An additional mixing blade makes it easy to whip cream, eggs, or other food items quickly. The food chopper has a splash guard lid which helps keep food from splattering onto the walls of your kitchen. This food processor is easy to clean and store with its cord wrap for easy wrapping and storage.

This KitchenAid KFC0516BM 5 Cup Food Chopper is a must-have for any kitchen. It features an easy-to-use design with a bowl guard and easy to store compact size. It also features two speeds, a drizzle basin that allows you to easily incorporate liquid ingredients while the unit is in use and a cord storage feature that keeps your countertop neat.

The Whisking Accessory is a must-have for any kitchen. The whisk attachment makes it easy to whip up homemade salad dressings, sauces, and more. It’s also great for blending or mixing ingredients. The accessory features a 5-cup capacity bowl with a handle that locks into place on the mixer’s base. This KitchenAid food chopper comes with a stainless steel blade and whisks attachment, as well as an instruction booklet with recipes.

  • The perfect tool for any kitchen task.
  • Get the job done fast and efficiently.
  • Keep your hands away from the blade, safe and clean.
  • Simplify cooking with a single appliance that does it all!
  • Cut down on time spent in the kitchen by using a small appliance that can do so much more than just pureeing food
  • Taking the lid off and replacing it awkward sometime!

6:DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor, Brushed Stainless Steel – Silver (High End)

DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

The DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor by Cuisinart is the perfect choice for all of your kitchen food preparation needs. With its large capacity, extra-large feed tube and three different blades, this food processor can handle any job you throw at it. The DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor includes a stainless steel slicing disc (4mm), medium shredding disc and stainless steel chopping/mixing blade. This food processor also features an intuitive “on” And “off”.

This perfect food processor for hummus comes with a stainless steel Standard slicing disc (4mm), medium shredding disc and stainless steel chopping/mixing blade. The cord length is 36 inches long. The 720-Watt food processor includes a large 14-cup Lexan work bowl, extra-large Feed tube and small and large pushers for processing fruits, vegetables, nuts and more.

Moreover, DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor for hummus is a versatile kitchen appliance that can chop, slice, shred and puree to prepare your favorite recipes. It comes with a spatula and recipe booklet for easy use and features dishwasher also safe parts for quick cleanup. The unit’s detachable disc stem makes it easy to add or remove accessories.

This versatile food processor has a large work bowl (14 cups) that can handle large batches of ingredients at once. Its also comes with 3 Year Limited Warranty.

  • Standard benefits:
  • Large capacity for cooking large quantities of food.
  • Powerful motor to chop through tough ingredients.
  • Stainless steel blades can cut through anything.
  • Emotional benefits:
  • Single touch operation so you don’t have to read a manual or watch a tutorial video.
  • It’s hard to use for some people.
  • Over time, plastic bowls acquire a lot of scratches.
  • It might be difficult to put together on your first usage.

7:Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini-Prep Plus Review, 3 Cup (Budget-Friendly)

budget friendly food processor for hummus

Cuisinart DLC-2A Mini-Prep Plus 3 Cup Food Processor is the perfect choice for chopping, mixing, pureeing, and blending small batches of food.

The Cuisinart mini processor features a 250-watt motor that provides the power you need to chop onions, herbs, nuts, or other foods quickly. The mini prep plus work bowl has a capacity of three cups which allows you to make larger quantities of soup stock or salsa than other processors in this size category. If you want to make salsa regularly don’t forget to read our reviews about best food processor for salsa.

The Cuisinart mini prep plus is very easy to use with its one-touch pulse control button allows you to pulse to control the texture of chopped foods. With a twist of your wrist, you can also quickly and effortlessly switch from chop to grind mode.

This mini food processor features a patented reversible stainless steel blade that cuts through sticky ingredients for quick and easy food processing. The Mini-Prep’s flexibility comes from the unique Auto Reversing Smart Blade, which allows it to process soft and hard items in the 24-ounce work bowl.

The Cuisinart DLC-2A is simple to use, with only two buttons: one that spins the blade in the direction of the short side and another that spins the blade in the opposite direction. It would help if you kept hold of them while utilizing them.

Cuisinart’s DLC-2A Mini-Prep Plus 3 Cup Food Processor is a great addition to any kitchen. It has a small footprint and comes with three cup sizes so that you can make smaller batches of your favorite recipes. The feed tube fits on the top of the machine for easy pouring and mixing. The bowl locks into place when processing, preventing leaks and spills. All parts are dishwasher safe for quick cleanup after use.

  • Chops and grinds at the touch of a button.
  • Exclusive auto-reversing SmartPower blade for two powerful processing options.
  • Touchpad controls are easy to use and easy to clean.
  • Dishwasher safe parts.
  • Make cooking fun again
  • It sometimes struggles with very tough vegetables.
  • It has only 24 ounces bowl.

Things to look for while Buying the Best Food Processor For Hummus

We have made a list of Food Processors for Hummus Review, which will help you choose the Best Food Processor for Hummus 2022 without any hesitation. I hope this article will help you to choose the right food processor for hummus. We have also mentioned some factors that you must consider while buying a food processor for hummus and recipes for making.


Hummus is not so popular a recipe throughout the world. This might be the reason why there are not many food processors for hummus available in the market. You can easily buy them online. As these machines are mostly quite expensive, you must only invest your money after checking all pros and cons of each food processor for hummus which we have mentioned.

Size of the bowl

You must choose the size of the bowl depending upon your need. A big-sized bowl will be good if you share food with many people or make juice for a whole family. But, if you are alone and will eat only little yogurt, then there is no point in buying a bigger machine only to waste space in your kitchen.

Warranty period

Mostly all food processors are covered with at least a one-year warranty period. As it is a product, so there are possibilities that some parts get damaged after a few months or years of its use. You can replace them easily if the company provides you free of cost replacement for this part within the warranty period.

Speed setting

Some food processors are provided with multiple speeds to help you achieve your desired result in less time. If you are using a machine that provides only one speed, it will take more time to smooth the hummus.


The best food processor for hummus must be user-friendly. You should consider the number of features provided in your machine. The more you get, the better it is.


It is also an important factor that you must consider while buying a Food Processor for hummus. If your machine gets dirty after every use, you might have to face many problems while cleaning it. It would help if you bought a dishwasher-safe food processor for hummus so that you can easily clean it after every use.


Durability is also an important factor that you must consider while buying the best food processor for hummus. The machine that you are planning to buy must be durable enough. You cannot spend your money on a product that will get damaged easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many watts a motor a good food processor should have?

A good food processor should have at least 350 watts of motor power to efficiently grind and chop difficult ingredients such as chickpeas. Some processors also include a blender function that needs, at the very minimum, 700-900 watts of power to be effective. When it comes to wattage, anything less than 400 is not recommended. If in doubt about which food processor will meet your needs best, ask: how much room you have in your budget? What type of ingredients are you cooking with – extremely tough vs. moist? How often are you planning on using the appliance?

Can we use a blender for making hummus instead of a food processor?

There is no reason you can’t use a blender to make hummus–including better-than-ever thick ones. All you have to do is drain the chickpeas before blending them because they are just too damp with liquid to blend properly. People worry about “mashing” the beans instead of letting them stay whole, but this won’t happen if you pulse gently and gradually upwards to achieve a whipped consistency rather than blending up and down quickly so as not to leave any lumps. Your hummus should be much creamier afterward!

How long will homemade hummus last?

It depends on many factors, but hummus should last for about a week in the fridge. Conditions that can affect how long it lasts are the amount of oil or olive oil used. Fermented foods will spoil faster than non-fermented foods, so fermentation time is also important to note when making homemade hummus. Hummus without any added ingredients should have the longest shelf life at about one week, with instruction from the US Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service.

Where Did Hummus Originate From?

Hummus is a Levantine dish that originated in the Middle East, called “hummus bi tahini.” It has become popular among Americans because of its creamy taste and its chickpea base. The consensus among food historians seems to be that hummus originated from ancient Egyptian cuisine, but cooks are virtually certain about this type of answer. Whether or not the recipe changed over time isn’t something you’ll find out by reading an article on the internet!

What Is Hummus Made Of?

First of all, it’s made of chickpeas, but there are many variations. Humus is made by pureeing cooked chickpeas (and often sesame seeds) together in a food processor or blender. The addition of garlic, coriander, and lemon juice gives hummus its distinct flavors.

There are many variations; the traditional variety contains only the combination of chickpeas/sesame seeds and is served pureed on bread with vegetables for dipping; hummus mixed with tahini (sesame paste), parsley, water, and olive oil make up another type; “hummus ful” (fava beans) or “aroum” which blends fried pita pieces into mashed fav.

Can Hummus Be Left Out Overnight?

Hummus can be left out for a few hours, but not overnight or in a hot vehicle.

Humus is a rich source of plant protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids, both of which are extremely unstable in the environment and tend to oxidize quickly when exposed to air. If hummus has been over-exposed to oxygen, it will turn brownish-red in color. In the case that your leftover hummus has turned this color, you should consider throwing away what’s left to avoid consuming unhealthy substances such as lipid peroxides.

In addition to making sure not too much air reaches it when leaving out humus overnight or during hot days when condensation would naturally arise from food containers due to improper.

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