Best Glass Bowl Food Processor

The average food processor is made of plastic. Plastic can’t handle the heat from hot liquids, which means that if you try to make a soup or sauce in your food processor, there are chances that it will melt and warp. If you want to use your food processor for soups and sauces, you need one with a glass bowl. But most of them are very expensive! 

We’ve found an affordable option; these 5 Best Glass Bowl food processors on our list have all the features you can expect from a good food processor. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices as they are all great quality products. Plus, they’re dishwasher safe, so clean-up is easy peasy. You’ll never look back after trying one out! So read the reviews ahead of and select the one for you. 

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Best Glass Food Processor 

Here are the reviews of the Top 5 Best Bowl food processors, which are worth consideration in 2022.

1: Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor (70725A) Review

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor  (70725A) Review

This food processor is a great addition to any kitchen. It’s easy to use and clean; the glass bowl lets you make large batches of salsa or hummus while also cutting vegetables into perfect julienne strips for pasta topped with cheese! 

The 12 cup capacity means no matter what your recipe calls out on how much ingredients need – there’ll always be enough room in this appliance, so they don’t go bad before getting used up at home (plus it comes apart easily when transportation isn’t an option). 

You know what they say, “No food processor is complete without the Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Food Processor!” The Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Food Processor is the perfect kitchen tool for anyone who loves to cook.

The food processor offers a 450-watt motor and 2 speeds plus pulse control, which can help you chop up your ingredients or knead the dough with ease. Its easy-to-use design makes it simple enough that even beginners will soon be cooking like pro’s thanks in part to its full-size feed tube allowing ingredients to be easily added into their processing.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack & Snap Food Processor is the perfect size for a family of 4 or 5.

The large feed chute lets you throw in whole fruits and vegetables with no cutting required, so prep time is reduced, and clean-up is a snap.

A simple function guide shows you which blade to use and which button to press. The S-blade quickly chops, slices, and shreds practically anything, while the reversible slice & shred disc makes short work of slicing or grating cheese, veggies, potatoes, or more. The included bowl has measurements on the inside for precision when adding ingredients.

Many customers are satisfied with the product, saying that it is highly functional and easy to use. In contrast, others note that this one lacks some features that could make food processing even easier compared to other models. However, overall many people recommend Hamilton Beach Food Processor for its great value.

  • Save time and money with a powerful motor. 

  • A large feed chute makes chopping and slicing fast and easy. 

  • Simple to assemble, use, clean up, and store in just minutes!

  • Large capacity Glass bowl Dishwasher safe No mess top.

  • Comes with only one slicing disc.

2: DmofwHi Food Processor Electric with USB Rechargeable

DmofwHi Food Processor Electric with USB Rechargeable

The DM OFW Hi food processor is designed with a great 200w powerful motor and two cutting speeds to handle all your favorite dishes efficiently. The high-end battery indicator light makes you intuitively know the level of power remaining in your mini meat cutter. The chopper features 3 built-in 2000mAh batteries, which can be used more than 30 times after fully charged.

This means that even if one dies during use (which isn’t likely), there’s still plenty left for another go around – no need to worry about running out before finishing up dinner like traditional electric food processors tend to happen with time and wear on their motors over extended periods without maintenance.

This mini meat chopper can chop, mince or blend ingredients into delicious meals in seconds. The cordless electric appliance has a high-end battery indicator light, so you know what level of power it’s running at when working – safely engineered for durability as well.

With a powerful motor and durable materials, this mini food processor will be your go-to for all of those tedious tasks. With 2 speeds to choose from (low/high), you’ll never have trouble getting fresh ingredients chopped up quickly.

The safety lock ensures that no matter what task is at hand, whether it’s pureeing fruits & vegetables or making hummus, there are notches in each handle that keep the operation safe while also providing easy removal when needed; unlock the lid before removing any metal utensil parts such as blades, so they don’t get lost during clean-up duty later on down below.

The electric meat chopper can be detached and cleaned easily. The safety lid, bowl, and chopping blades are all dishwasher or hand washable, so you don’t have to worry about an obligation to maintain it in the long term. This small appliance does not take up too much space. Still, it provides enough food preparation area needed by families daily – perfect if your kitchen is at full Capacity already with other appliances taking over some counters too.

  • Durable and easy to clean, dishwasher safe.

  • Powerful motor and lightweight for portability.

  • Battery power with two speeds ensures that it can work with a wide variety of ingredients and tasks.

  • The lid is not compatible but still easy to clean by hand or dishwasher in most cases.

3: GE Food Processor, 12 Cup Review

GE Food Processor, 12 Cup Review

The GE 12-Cup Food Processor is the perfect tool for preparing a variety of foods. With its powerful 550-watt motor and large capacity jar (12 cups), this food processor can easily handle tough ingredients like slicing and shredding to chopping mixes.

The durable, dishwasher-safe parts make clean up quick after preparing meals for guests or family members; you won’t have time to spend all day scrubbing in the sink here at our website either because we’ve got everything already prepped ahead, so it’ll take less than 5 minutes from the start until finish!

The GE food processor is the ultimate kitchen multitasker. This 3-in1 appliance includes a main stainless steel mixing blade plus medium-fine reversible slicing and shredding disc, giving you all of your favorite chopping needs with ease. With three processing speeds available (low/medium-high), this device can handle anything from small ingredients like vegetables or spices to large jobs involving applesauce for toddlers.

The inner feed tube has separate openings depending on what size pieces are needed; wider sections allow whole foods while smaller ones accommodate liquid ingredients better than ever before, thanks in part to its uniquely designed geometry which prevents clogs at just about any level throughout use.

The included feeding tubes make it easy to add ingredients while the machine is running. In addition, the food pusher helps guide larger pieces of fruit or vegetables into the feed tube for processing.

As well, this food processor comes fully assembled with accessories and features like a grating disc, dough blade (for kneading), shredding slicer (for cheese or chocolate), plus more to tickle your fancy; it’s a good choice for everyday meal prep that doesn’t break the bank either!

  • Lightweight and powerful with easy-to-use attachments.

  • Steel blades are durable and sharp for a superior shopping experience every time.

  • Dishwasher safe for fast clean-up when you’re short on time.

  • No preset functions, just 3 speeds.

4: FIMEI 12 Cup Multifunctional Food Processor Review

FIMEI 12 Cup Multifunctional Food Processor Review

A FIMEI Food Processor is a multifunctional kitchen machine that can save your time and energy on food preparation. It can mix, chop, mince, puree, or slice vegetables with ease!

The food processor is made of high-quality material and features a sturdy base for stability when in use. It has dual lock protection, so you can depend on it to work only when both parts are locked together perfectly – no matter what size your ingredients may be.

The large feed chute allows me to add more things while processing without worrying about getting into mix up or jamming any gear with this handy tool that comes complete with two discs: one designed specifically for slicing/shredding vegetables & fruits etc., another used just like an immersion blender (for crushing ice) or to mix the dough with just a press of my finger.

The large level of safety is by far one of the best features, as it makes it impossible for my device to start unless both lid & bowl are locked firmly in place – this ensures that if they’ve been put together correctly, I can be sure that all components are safely secured every time before I hit the power button.

This best glass bowl food processor is designed with a large capacity 3.2L bowl, 600W powerful motor, and pulse function to meet all your needs when preparing food. It has three variable speeds which allow you to select the suitable speed for grinding meat or slicing vegetables without any hassle- just like a professional chef’s knife blade would do so effortlessly in an instant cut against its template based on what material it sticks out to (i.e., metals).

The special design of this machine tells me to choose my preferred cooking method: 1) if I need immediate work surface area 2) if there are delicate ingredients involved 3 )if utilizing larger amounts than typical first-time users usually come across.

The food processors are easy to clean. All of their parts can be removed and put in the dishwasher, making this appliance perfect for those with busy lifestyles who don’t have time on their hands.

The company also offers a 12-month warranty to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth out of it by being careful when cleaning any part, especially around where blades meet motor housing so as not to damage either one too severely during use or afterward because they will need replacing eventually even though there is still some life left.

  • 600W high-power motor and 3 variable speeds for versatile use.

  • Stainless steel blades are rust-resistant and sharp for a superior blending experience every time.

  • A large feed tube allows larger chunks of fruits or vegetables to go down the chute without cutting them too small first.

  • Dishwasher-safe parts make it quick and easy to clean up!

  • There are no safety features to prevent the machine from turning on unless both parts of the lid and bowl are locked in place.

5: Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14 Cup Glass Food Processor

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14 Cup Glass Food Processor

The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor has a 1200 Watt motor and a stainless steel chopping blade. The large-capacity food processor includes intuitive “on” And “off/pulse” buttons.

It also comes with an extra-wide feed chute that allows you to add whole vegetables and fruits for slicing or shredding. The feed tube is larger than most processors on the market, making it easy to add items, minimizing prep time.

This powerful food processor has a sleek silver design that would compliment any modern kitchen decor. Its 14 cup bowl is large enough for most tasks, including slicing potatoes or shredding cheese.

The Cuisinart glass bowl Food Processor is a heavy-duty workhorse that can handle even the most demanding kitchen tasks. With an extra-large feed tube and powerful motor, it chops, slices or shreds with ease to help you prepare your favorite dishes quickly and efficiently!

With its stainless steel exterior, UL-listed motor, and dishwasher-safe parts, this appliance can easily process anything from vegetables or fruit into flavorful dips. Not only does it have an extensive list of built-in features, but if you ever need extra power for whatever task at hand, then detach one side where there are three different blade sizes included: shredding, slicing, or processing mix ingredients up through cooked meats without drying them out too much all while maintaining their true shape so that no flavor gets lost during cooking.

The possibilities truly do cease here, though, because when using our product virtually every day, we come across new adjustments which may alter some previous results. Also, Keep in mind it’s not come with adjustable slicing and shredding blades.

  • Shredding Blade for 2 mm to 6.3mm thicknesses.

  • Food Pusher/Plunger that keeps hands away from all chopping blades.

  • Large Capacity allows slicing or shredding of larger items without cutting into smaller sections first.

  • Dishwasher-safe parts make it quick and easy to clean up!

  • Control over as much as the power as you desire.

  • Cannot adjust slicing or shredding down to any particular size.

Benefits of using a glass bowl food processor

Here are some of the benefits of glass food processors.

  1. Glass doesn’t contain harmful toxins or heavy metals like plastics typically do.
  2. Glass holds up to 7x its weight in hot liquid, so it’s perfect for making soup without fear of cracking.
  3. Extended blade never gets stuck with dark foods since no minerals can accumulate on the blades, which causes them to dull and stop cutting effectively.
  4. Scratches don’t affect performance because they’re not visible when the blade is spinning at high speeds.
  5. Dishwasher safe without any damage to the blade edges over time because stainless steel doesn’t contact water or air during the washing process.
  6. Food processors with metal blades often have them coated with lubricant oils that are not healthy for consumption. Glass bowls without plastic coatings will be completely safe in this regard.
  7. You can see inside the bowl, so you know exactly what it is your blending.

Choosing a Best Glass Bowl Food Processor – Buyers Guide

Bowl Capacity

When it comes to choosing your glass food processor bowl capacity, there are several things to consider. Firstly, the price range you wish to be in, how much counter and storage space you have available, and what kind of cooking or baking you do regularly.

If you’re looking for something simple for everyday meal preparation or cooking, then one of the smaller units in this review would suit your needs perfectly. If you’re looking for something to take care of quick recipes with a few ingredients at a time, perhaps making smoothies or chopping up some fresh vegetables for salads, then you can also get away with choosing something smaller.

If you are looking to make large complex recipes with a large number of ingredients, or you want to cook small batches of food, you will most likely want to go for something in the middle.

If you are looking for a unit to make the dough and require a very large capacity bowl, then it may be worth going even larger rather than getting one suitable for a small amount.


The bigger the bowl, the more powerful your food processor needs to run smoothly and efficiently. A high wattage also helps if you need a lot of power for large chopping jobs or slicing lots of ingredients.

Check that your model has at least 400 to 500 watts of power before purchasing it, as this is standard across various models that are available to you.

Cutting blade diameter

Choosing the right diameter of your cutting blade is another consideration to make when purchasing a new food processor. Two factors will determine this: the size of what you want to cut and how much processing you need it to do. For example, a very large cutting blade would be very effective for large items such as watermelon. However, you would struggle to use it effectively on smaller items such as a tomato.

In the above review, we have included all the very small options that are best suited for chopping or processing small food items into larger ones that can be used in most recipes.

Large blades will do the same process faster but will also take more time to clean afterward.

Processor Size 

When deciding on the size of the food processor, it’s important to consider how much countertop space you have available. It’s best to purchase an appliance that does not take up too much room to prevent overcrowding your kitchen with appliances that are rarely utilized.

Our above top 5 list covers processors that range from 4 quarts to 7 quarts, so you should be able to find one suitable for most meal preparation. It’s always advisable to go a little larger than smaller, so if you have to add lots of liquid when cooking or chopping, it would be better to get something with a bigger bowl.

A 5-6 qt bowl capacity should be suitable for most baking and cooking applications for most individuals and families.

Tight-Fitting Lid 

Make sure that your food processor has a tight-fitting lid for safety and to prevent leaking. It is important to seal it so food does not escape out of the bowl during processing.

On top of this, make sure the lid fits well without being too loose or wobbly so you can feel confident when using it.

A tight-fitting lid is also important for safety to ensure no food particles can escape during processing.

Stability and Durability 

To ensure durability and stability, choose a food processor with wide feet, so it doesn’t tip over easily. Check that the feet have good grips by making sure they have rubber on the bottom to grip the counter firmly.

It is also important to check that your bowl locks into place securely, as well as being able to support a large amount of weight to avoid tipping or spilling.

It is always best to go for a food processor that does not have excessive vibration, as this will affect the quality of your chopping and slicing.

Most glass bowls tend to be less sturdy than plastic but having Glass rather than plastic isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it just means it could be more expensive.

Do not purchase a food processor that vibrates excessively as the blade may become dislodged and able to cut your hands, causing serious injury.


Each food processor comes with different accessories included in their package, some more than others. Some of these include cutting blades for slicing or grating, stirring paddles, dough hooks, and shredding discs to make your meal preparation easier.

Some people prefer a food processor that comes with many accessories where you can use it in a variety of ways, whereas others do not require any extra items.

If you plan to use the food processor in different ways, consider how many accessories come included in the price.


Ensure that your food processor comes with a storage case for easy and safe storage in your kitchen. Most do not come with their cases due to size, but it is advisable to purchase one to avoid getting damaged or broken during transportation and storage.

If you already have enough appliances cluttering up your kitchen, then it may be best to invest in a food processor with a storage case so it can be stored safely on your countertop or inside a cupboard.

Locking Lid and Bowl

A locking lid is beneficial for safety purposes, so you will not have to worry about accidents while processing your food. Along with this, make sure that you purchase a food processor with similar bowls, so you do not have to buy additional ones.


You can have several different controls on your food processor bowl, the most common being a dial that allows you to choose between which speed you would like to use and a pulse switch for short quick bursts of power rather than a continuous stream.

This is an adjustable dial with several different speeds to choose from, which allows you to have more control over what you are doing.

Some units have a single button that is used for both starting and stopping the motor. These will be easy for anyone to use but may not provide as much control as one with multiple speed options.


This concludes our blog post on the 5 best glass bowl food processors for every budget in 2022. Our team of experts have done extensive research and found that GEFU’s 3-Piece Food Processor Set is one of the best glass food processor because it has a tight-fitting lid and comes with many accessories included so you can use it in various ways. I hope this article helped you to narrow down your research and You should be able to make a well-informed decision about which is right for you! If you have any question please comment below!

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