Can You Grind Meat in a Food Processor?

Many people have food processors sitting in their kitchen cabinets, but do they know how to use them? One of the most common questions is whether or not you can grind meat in a food processor.

The Short Answer is Yes, you can grind meat in a food processor, but there are several rules you need to follow for your food processor not to get dusty and worn out, such as washing it immediately after use. Now let find out How to Grind meant in a food processor Properly!

Before Grinding Meat in Your Food Processor

A good, high-quality food processor is crucial for grinding beef. Suppose you’re not using one with sharp blades. In that case, I recommend getting yourself either an electric meat grinder or buying another brand of better quality like KitchenAid otherwise, this will take too much time and effort to grind up all those meats! If you’re confused about which food processor is best for grinding meat then check out article about Best Food Processor for Grinding Meat.

How to Grind Meat in a Food Processor

1: Semi-freeze the Meat in a Freezer

Placing the meat in the freezer for around 30 minutes can help semi-freeze it, making it much easier to grind. This will prevent the food processor from overworking and overheating, which may damage or warp it if you try to process too many pounds of meat at once.

2: Cut the meat into small pieces

Cut the meat into smaller pieces to help it process faster. Thinner strips are easier to grind up, so try cutting your steaks or roasts into thin 1/4 inch sized strips.

3: Start with high speeds and work down

Use a food processor’s highest speed setting first, but if the blade turns too slow, you should drop down the speed level. Too high of speeds with thick pieces of meat can cause the food processor to strain and overheat, so it’s best to start at a higher setting and gradually decrease the speeds afterward.

4: Processed in strips, chunks, or cubes?

Depending on your preferences for how you like your ground beef, chicken, or turkey, you can process the meat in strips, chunks, or cubes. This is where it gets a little more complicated because smaller cuts are easier to grind, but they’re also harder to shape into burgers after they are ground up.

5: Processed Meat Can Change Shape

Because the blades spin at such high speeds, the processed meat will change its shape due to the centrifugal force. Therefore, if you want to make burger patties, it’s best to shape them into smaller circles before grinding up the meat.

Tips for Grinding Meat in the Food Processor

  • Make sure to use the pulse setting, not the on/off button
  • Cut meat into small pieces before putting it in the food processor
  • Add a little bit of oil to help with grinding and keep things from sticking 
  • Put some water in if you want a more moist consistency for your finished product
  • Keep an eye on how much you’re adding – don’t overfill, or else everything will fly out when you start grinding! 
  • When done, please turn off the machine and let it cool down for 10 minutes before cleaning up so that nothing gets burned onto the sides of your machine
  • If you do not want to make smaller patties from your ground beef, it is best to separate the meat into four different batches. This will allow for more uniform burger sizes after they are formed.

What to Avoid while grinding meat in a food processor

  • Make sure to take out any bones, such as chicken thigh bones or pork ribs
  • Don’t mix the meat and fat. If you want a leaner mixture, then separate it into two batches
  • Don’t put too much meat in at once because this can also cause everything to fly around and increase your chances of messes.
  • Don’t add any other ingredients, such as breadcrumbs or eggs.

Cleaning Your Food Processor

After grinding your meats, remember to wash your food processor immediately with hot soapy water! The blades of a food processor can become very sharp and dangerous, so make sure to take the necessary precautions while cleaning it.

Don’t forget about your blade – it still needs to be washed very carefully!

Wash everything you used thoroughly

Make sure to not let any fat drip onto other parts of your food processor because this can be a nightmare if you leave it there. If you aren’t careful enough to clean it off thoroughly, the next time you use your machine, it will start to smell like fat.

Wait until everything is dry before using it again – you don’t want to rust on any parts!


Grinding meat in a food processor is not as simple as it sounds. You’ll need to make sure the blade has enough space and that you start with a high-speed setting before working your way down. One of the most important things when grinding meat, though, is making sure you’re cutting it into smaller pieces first. This will help reduce friction between the blades and allow for faster chopping times. The last thing any grinder wants to do is overfill their machine or end up with something flying out! If this scares you too much, then just let us know – we have experts who are ready and waiting at all hours of the day to take care of these details for you so that nothing can go wrong while using our services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should You Go for a Meat Grinder if You Have a Food Processor?

Yes, For the following reasons; An electric meat grinder can handle larger quantities of raw food than most food processors.

It grinds the meat better because processor blades work like saws and don’t do a good job on bone or sinew stuff. Meat processors are often more robustly constructed, which is important when working with tough roast cuts. A meat grinder will generally have at least two drills to process tougher meats that may be too hard for your food processor’s blade to get through reliably on one go. The motor can sustain longer periods without heating up under pressure, so you won’t have to wait forever for your ground sausage mix while it’s being made, which makes it ideal for commercial use.

Can You Put Cooked Meat in a Food Processor?

Yes, you can put cooked meat in a food processor to make baby recipes or food for people who can’t chew well. The food processor will reduce the cooked meat to really fine pieces and may even make it paste.

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